Sure Spot




About Us

SureSpot is a unique parking access management company and the only parking company on the globe that caters to both B2B and B2C transaction models. Furthermore, SureSpot is the only company in the world that directs a motorist to their EXACT parking space. We manufacturer our own equipment, software and Smartphone application and pass it along to you, with no up-front costs.

SureSpot will manage, install and maintain the entire system and operates with an industry-first business model, Pay Per Car. SureSpot is paid a fixed price of pennies on the dollar for each car that enters your facility, regardless of the parking rate you charge the motorist for the length of our mutual contract. Additionally, SureSpot provides new revenue opportunities for your facility by driving more traffic to your real estate and offering an increased parking rate for “premium” parking spaces that can be pre-booked, as well as, local merchant coupons on every printed ticket. Your wish is our command producing tailored back- end software to meet your business needs.